Thursday, January 22, 2015

Austin's Fancy Nancy Party Prep: Crocheted Cupcake Gift Bags

Every birthday party I have ever been to had some type of gift bag, for the kids who attended the party.  I poured over a bunch of ideas before I found the perfect idea for them.  Anything from simple brown paper bags with doilies on the top to brightly patterned gift bags dressed up with lace.  They just weren't what I was looking for.

I finally saw crocheted cupcake handbags all over pinterest and found a pattern for them.  I had fallen head over heels for a project, Matt was less than pleased at the thought of another project. 

I even decided to crochet beads into them for sprinkles.  Purple yarn was that color of choice, 

They were pretty easy and awesome, perfect for a bunch of five year old little girls.  She was so excited she wanted to use it before the party, much to her dismay she was told she had to wait.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Austin's Fancy Nancy Party Prep: Invitations

I saw these pretty pictures on the internet one day and knew they would be perfect for something someday.  I like projects that I can do most if not all of the work at home.  These were a little labor intensive, but totally awesome and so stinking cute.  They took a few days.

I started by printing them out on card stock, which I already had on hand.

 I had to decide what colors to use on them (pretty easy her favorite colors: purple, yellow, and orange).

 I got out the good old colored pencils and set to work, a Sunday afternoon was perfect for this.
The next step was cutting them out, not so much fun.  By the end of this task my hand wanted to murder itself.

The next part required a trip to the craft fair for paper and rhinestones.  I put the rhinestones for the center of the flowers, awesome but not quite there.  I discovered that I had glitter in my arsenal of craft supplies and of course elmer's glue, that really did it.

After the glitter spots were dry I then glued them to the paper.

I stamped the insides, filled out all of the info, and put them in regular envelopes. Done and totally awesome, she loved them too.  She was so cute while I made them, she asked if I could make real cupcakes to look just like them.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Austin's Fancy Nancy Party Prep: Decorating Hats

So anyone who knows me, knows that I am a preparation fanatic.  I start planning my kid's birthday parties a year before they actually happen.  This is not a constant search and work on it everyday.  I keep notes about the things that I want to do and purchase things when they are seasonal or go on sale.  This has helped me accomplish quite awesome parties for a fraction of what they would cost me normally.

For this project I purchased Easter/Spring hats at the dollar store from the seasonal area.

They had some not so pretty flowers and bands on them, I removed all of those.  This was not the easiest task and left some hot glue behind (that's okay because it will all be covered up).

I slowly over the rest of the year collected sequins, beads, ribbons, etc. to decorate the hats with.

I think this will be a really fun activity for the girls to do.  I have seen some of the things that Austin has come up with and she will have quite the time playing with all of the supplies.  This is something that I will have the mothers help their daughters with.  I love having Moms and Daughters playing together.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Austin's Fancy Nancy Party Prep: Fancy Cups

I saw something similar on Pinterest from, and obviously I fell in love but I had to create my own spin on it.  I found these cups at dollar tree and they were perfect.

Add a little bit of lace and awesome.  The lace was $1.00 at walmart.  Super inexpensive project.  I tried super glue and for some reason it dries to fast.  Hot glue was the answer, it was really quick and easy.

Look at how dainty and cute they turned out.  I am in love with what I created.  I love how simple, but yet beautiful this project it.  I think the little things help to make the party.  Totally gorgeous.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Food Storage Friday: Pineapple Jam

Matt really loves Pineapple, I really don't.  When I saw this recipe I had to try making it for Matt's benefit.  Not to mention pineapple was inexpensive enough for me to make it.  It seemed like a pretty simple recipe.

I found it in this book, which tells all of the safe ways to bottle everything.

Chopping up the pineapple was the hardest part, but not to hard.

Here it is all finished.  It turned out really sweet but really good, in Matt's opinion.  It was more like a syrup, next time I will be adding some pectin.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Wednesday Wellness: Basic H for Windows

Yeah, I know cleaning your windows is a no brainer, however I had questions as to whether or not it would work when I started.  By the way incase you needed the info, all you need it 1-2 drops in 16 oz. of water.

Basic H window cleaner doesn't evaporate when you are wiping it, because there is no alcohol based ingredients in it.  I takes a little bit more wiping to have the window dry, but it cleans just as well with out the amonia smell.  I never really liked using commercial glass cleaners because the all smell funny, and when you spray it there are always fumes that are misted into the air.  I always felt like I needed to wash my hands after cleaning the windows, I didn't want to have any of the chemicals in my body.

I use terry cloth to clean my windows.  I am not a huge fan of paper towels, they aren't as good for the environment and they cost more money in the long run.

My daughter really likes her window markers, and I really don't.  But at least I can easily clean it off my windows with Basic H2.

Here are her markers on my gate, the artwork is mine (not the best but okay).

The cleaning process has begun

Half done and it is working great.

Here is my reclaimed (from her markers) gate.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Food Storage Friday: Kiwi Preserves

I really love kiwi, and Austin is right there with me.  I decided that I need to try some more unusual recipes, and kiwi was right up that alley.  It turned out to be a pretty easy recipe.

I again found it in this cook book, which I am loving.

This was the most daunting part of the task.  Peeling and cutting up all of the kiwis.

The finished product looks so amazing.  I got to try a bit of the left over and it was really yummy.