Saturday, July 17, 2010

Motor Home Redo: Part 1

So I have undertaken this huge project that I would have never wanted to do before. We bought a motor home because the price was right and I absolutely refuse to tent camp much to the frustration of my husband, he grew up tent camping and I grew up hating anything to do with it, so he finally realized that in order to get me into the great outdoors he was going to have to succumb to my restrictions. So needless to say we bought a 1970 something motor home from my brother-in-laws parents.

It does need some work but it gives me the opportunity to be the do-it-yourself er that I am at heart and also to make it my own. I have plans to repaint, replace the carpet with tile, reupholster, and a few other minor things that need redoing. So there will be a lot more updates to come. We are redoing it in tans, cream, green and chocolate brown. Matt's part in all of this is make sure everything works, I just get to make it pretty and comfortable. The very first project is the paint.

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