Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Other Leg Got Done

So I get to go through the same agony again only on the right leg this time. Thanks to all my pregnancies I was blessed with these wonderful veins, note the hint of sarcasm. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't trade my babies for the world however it would have been nice to be able to avoid all of the pain associated with carrying them for nine months.

Any who, I will spare you all the picture this time, it looks pretty much the same anyway. This time things went a little differently, instead of chewing the Valium I got a prescription and was able to swallow it (no Valium is not supposed to be chewed, they have you chew one right before the procedure so that it starts to work quicker, and they give it to you so you are not as tense being that you are awake for the whole surgery). The other thing is that I have made sure to ice a lot and instead of ibuprofen three times a day I am taking Aleve twice a day(a lot easier to remember).

Just a little background on the procedure itself, the first thing that the doctor does is ultrasound the area to find the vein then they clean every thing and make it sterile. Once everything is clean they numb the area with lidocaine then they make a small incision into the vein, they fish a wire to the end and then put a sheath over the wire and in to the vein. After all of that then the fun part begins, they insert the longest needle I have ever seen i my life and inject a combination of lidocaine and saline the entire length of the vein, this part hurts the most. The very last steps are to replace the wire with the laser pull the sheath out and burn the vein all the way down. I think my favorite part is the asterisk of steri-strips they use to cover the incision site.

I only have to wear compression stocking for a week and I get out of any heavy lifting, yay.

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