Sunday, July 18, 2010

What's Up With Me

So I have blogged about all of my project and the kids, so as you can see my life has been extremely busy. This past week thankfully Chey spent some time at her aunts house working with potty-training, which has been nice. I wasn't supposed to pick her up anyway, because I got some vein work done. I got some done a couple of weeks ago to bet this time it hurt a lot more. This time they numbed me up, sent a catheter up my vein with a laser inside it and burned the vein all the way down (don't worry it was a useless vein that just happened to be causing problems).

The worst part was the healing afterwards. My leg is completely bruised and I have to wear a compression stocking for a week in the middle of the summer, can I say hot. The next bad thing is that I get the other leg done on Wednesday, I wish they could have done them on the same day cause now I really don't want to go back for the rest. Sorry if this kind of thing grosses some people out, and yes all the red is bruising, Varicose veins are awful.

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