Friday, September 3, 2010

Girls Bedroom Decor: Project #1

I love when I can make something cute for just about nothing. The only thing I had to buy for this project was the wreath form, $1 at the dollar store. I finally finished the rosettes today from the left over streamers from Chey's birthday. It was a long drawn out process but I am finally finished. The first place that I saw these was at like I wrote in an earlier post. It turned out pretty cute in my opinion. I just hope that the girls like it when I finally get to put it their room when ever that gets done.

I am slowly working on projects for when I am able to move the girls into what will be their room eventually. It is a slow process, but after the addition is built then the girls will move into what is currently our room. I am going to try and have everything finished by that time, so all that I will have to do is move them in. Yay. This project is just the first of many.

I really like how the wreath looks, however I am still debating on the ribbon and bow. I can't decide what would look better.

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