Saturday, September 4, 2010

More Craziness

On top of all of the other things that went on this week, I forgot to mention the worst. On Wednesday evening, I started having pain, in my abdomen. It wasn't necessarily a really bad pain I went to bed that night and didn't think to much of it. Thursday morning the pain was still there, no amount of eating or not eating, moving or changing position was making the pain go away. We had to finish wedding invitations before we could do anything about it. Through all of my medical training I knew that is was in a somewhat peculiar spot, I thought that it might be appendicitis. I went to the urgent care to get looked over, he had the same sneaking hunch. He sent me for blood work and a CT scan.

All that I can say about that is that the barium crap is gross and the intravenous contrast die makes you feel like you wet your pants. It was all I could do to keep from throwing up everything of that barium. So through all of this misery, come to find out I just had an ovarian cyst, (apparently it was a really big one too, 2.5 mm, I don't know what other women are whining about it wasn't all that bad. I am convinced that I have had them before, just on the other side.) at least I am not going to die. I took Ibuprofen later Thursday afternoon and didn't feel it anymore yesterday or today.

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