Sunday, September 19, 2010

My Challenge

The Book of Mormon in one month, eek. Most of the time, I would choose not to take on a challenge such as this. My sister-in-law challenged the whole family to read the Book of Mormon but not to this scale. I chose to go the extra mile, or it would never happen. Hopefully my life of craziness will allow me to continue and be able to stick with it. Lets just say that I have already finished 1 Nephi, the next hard part is the entire book of Alma.

I can honestly say that the first time I read the entire book, I was 15 and my Grandma gave us the incentive of getting $50 for finishing it by the time she got off of her mission. I didn't really get anything out of it at least that I can remember.

But throughout all of this I am doing it this time for me (which is truly the best way to do anything). I believe in the gospel of the Lord's true church and that Thomas S. Monson is a true prophet and that he can speak for the Lord as could all of the past prophets. I believe that Temple work is a service that as well as rewarding is also needed for those who have come before us and didn't have the opportunity to do it for themselves. I believe that Matt and I will be together forever (it is a good thing that I love him because forever is a really long time). I really love the Lords church.

By the way for those who either didn't know or did't remember, General Conference is in just a couple of weeks now. Totally Awesome.

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