Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Up To

Sorry about the lack of posting life and all that is involved took over. This past week has been completely insane. On the 26th of this month we celebrated the Hubby's birthday (isn't he handsome), he turned 27. I actually gave him his gift back in July though, I bought him a ladder and was way too excited not to, it was also one of those functional things. He got a Little Giant, it was nice to find them on sale at Costco, he had been oogeling the ones at Wal-Mart ones for months, but I knew he really wanted one of the better ones.

This past week I have been making my friends Wedding Invitations, and let me tell you what a lot of work they are. They have had so much printing on them. Printers do not like the really heavy card stock. Thankfully I am just about finished. They are really pretty though they are black and white with a damask boarder. I am finishing them up just in time too, their wedding is in three weeks.

I obviously have had to throw a craft project into all the mess as well. I have been working on a tissue paper rosette wreath, the very first place that I saw them was at if I knew how to do the linking thing I would link you back. I started making them because I had left over streamers from Chey's birthday a couple of weeks back and thought that will be gorgeous. I am just about done with the rosettes and just need to get a wreath form for it. Yay.

On top of it all I still have kids, a husband, and the house.

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