Saturday, October 16, 2010

Busy Bees

When I say that life is busy I mean it. Austin has started crawling and standing up to things now, and at only 7 1/2 months too. Cheyenne is 95% potty-trained, we still have her in a diaper at night until she can stay dry for two weeks strait. She is dry 3 out of 4 mornings. Dakota is a two year old boy, need I say more. As much as I love them to be little I really can't wait until they are all potty-trained and off of formula. I like them when the are a little less dependent.

On top of all that Matt hasn't been home very much in the last few weeks. He has been working a lot of over time so that we can get out of this debt pit, and on top of that he has school and homework as well. My job is to keep everything together while all of this is happening. Between the house, kids, Matt, and errands I don't have to much time for anything else.

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