Sunday, November 7, 2010

Life Recently

I am the luckiest gal in the world. My hubby bought me a new sewing machine and serger, and I am so excited to find some time to get to use them. Now I just have to convince him to let me buy some more fabric. Luckily I have some projects that already need doing. He is my freakin awesome handsome sweetheart.

Just got through Dakota's Birthday and Halloween, if you ask my it is Christmas music season. I am one of those that people think is crazy cause I start to listen to Christmas music right after Halloween. In my opinion there isn't really any Thanksgiving music to listen to, I am also not one of those people who gets really stressed through the Holidays. I don't feel as if it starts to early or lasts to long. Through all of this I have started listening to the old Christmas music like Bing Crosby and Dean Martin. Sexy olive oil voices.

I am really happy because Matt and I have decided to go to New Mexico this coming June. We have been trying to get back down there for 4 years now and if everything goes okay we will celebrate a late 5 year anniversary down there, ya. The best part is that we get to leave the kids home with their aunts, uncles, and Grandmother.

Any way not everything is peachy around here, I might have to get braces soon. We are trying to get the dizziness under control and after multiple other tests my Doctor thinks it might be my TMJ now. All I can say is this better darn well take care of it. I am not looking forward to getting a bunch of metal glued all over my teeth, and no I have never had braces.

Any who, until next time.

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