Wednesday, December 29, 2010


So much has happened since November 7, this post will be a long one since it is also the last one of the year. Life has been just a bit busy so I haven't posted in a while. In the last little bit I have had one cousin come home from his mission and another one leave for his, I have another one leaving for his mission in March. Colton, the one that just came home, served his mission in India, and it has been so great to see him.

I had to get braces on to treat my TMJ and will be getting the bottom ones one at the end of next month, I have felt so much better because of the lack of headaches and dizziness. We have all been slightly sick in the last month, come to find out I have Bronchitis again and haven't felt great because of it. I am so excited at the fact that we have been doing allergy immunotherapy and it has been working great.

Thanksgiving was great, we went down to Mt. Pleasant and spent the holiday at my aunts house, such good food and the best pumpkin pie on the planet. It was nice seeing the family and having such great conversation.

We were unable to spend the Christmas holiday with the Christofferson side of the family. Matthew was working and we spent the weekend in Utah county with the kids and Matt's side of the family. Cheyenne loves Santa Clause and can't wait until Christmas next year. Dakota was a little shy around the big jolly man and didn't sit on his lap. Austin hates strangers anyway and was really tired at the party and so rather that frighten her I took her out in the hall to calm her down.

The kids got dress-ups for Christmas and spent quite some time putting on as many as they possibly could. I was very excited to receive one of the sets of dishes that I want, now to get 5 more sets. I am already starting to plan thing for next year and we're not even to next year yet.

Anyhow, I am excited for the new year and a time to set some new goals. This last year I met all of the goals that I really set for myself, who ever meets their weight loss goals. We got the credit card paid off by the end of the year. This year I have set the goals to pay off my braces, pay off Matt's first private student loan, get the back yard done, pay off Matt's second private student loan, and to open up a facebook shop.

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