Thursday, January 20, 2011

Stuff as it is

Thing as always are crazy around here. Life never really calms down even after the holidays, it's okay though.

So down to business, Chey has been dry in the mornings when she gets up. That is a major yay around here, we have been fighting tooth and nail through all of the potty-training regressions. If she can stay dry for one month then we will let her wear under-wear to bed.

Kody has been showing an interest in potty-training and I would love to start him however I want to get Chey finished first. When I say interest, I mean playing in his diaper by any means nescesary. He has been driving me to the nut house, alone in a padded room has been a tempting thought. I love my son, but there are those days when you want to sell them to the Indians. At least he keeps things interesting.

And on to Austin, she will be a year next month. She is getting to big and it is even worse with her, she is my last. She has started standing up all on her own and wants to walk. We almost have her switched off of formula and on to milk, yay, so much less expensive than formula. She already has four teeth (my other two either had none or only the bottom two by a year) it just amazes me as to how fifferent they are.

As far as I am concerned, I have lost four pounds since November. I only have another 22-27 pounds to go, we bought a gym pass and I am watching my sugar intake. I am trying to work out every night except Sundays. I am also trying to get a lot of my craft projects finished up to keep me busy until I can afford to work on some more. We are budgeting tighter than ever and trying to meet our goals this year. We want to pat off my braces, his two private student loans, refinish the backyard and put in the driveway. I am so excited, we have waited for four years in order to put in a driveway.

Now for Matt, my dear sweet is still in school for at least another 20 months. He has been on the Dean's list all of the semesters since he started school, I am so proud of him. He is in a electronics math class that is really kicking his fanny, he has had difficult classes but this one rivals them all. I can't wait until he is finished and be in a really great job.

As far as everything else, it is still snowy and cold right now. I hate the cold weather and am getting spring fever like crazy. We are obviously still broke financially and still in the midst of a whole bunch of projects.

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