Friday, March 16, 2012

Fun/Funny/Frustrating Things Friday: Things Kids Say

So we recently got a new sofa. I have had to fight with the kids to stay off of it with snacks and sippy cups. I don't care how leak proof sippy cups are, they still leak. I hate milk spots on my furniture. Unfortunately my kids cannot be trusted with regular cups yet, and they demand to have drinks in their cups while they play.

A few days after I got my new sofa, and hearing me telling them to get off of it with their cups, my daughter says she knows what she is going to name my sofa (she has an obsession with naming objects really strange names). She says "Mama, I gonna name your new sofa, Get-off-it." I laughed hysterically. Matt said "You think she has been listening to you a little to much."

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