Friday, March 30, 2012

Fun/Funny/Frustrating Things Friday: Definitely Frustrating

Kody is probably the cutest frustration in my life to this point. The girls are pretty easy to handle. Kody on the other hand is the one person that makes me admit defeat. On Sunday this past week Kody couldn't touch something without causing some type of injury.

I am telling you he was super destructo-boy. He woke up before I did that morning and was playing upstairs for a while, like normal. When I woke up Austin had something in her mouth, which she took out and handed to me. It was the center assembly to the lock on the attic door. I don't know how he did it but he tore it apart.

My first reaction to seeing this is oh no they got into the attic where the spiders and dust and other stuff is. But no. Kody pulled it apart and the lock stayed locked. Matt and I are totally puzzled as to how he even did it. That kid has some talented fingers. He has so little focus for anything else, but he can focus on things like that.

A couple of hours after the lock incident, and he is right back at driving me nuts. He decided to tear apart my laptop adapter. I spent the day without a way to charge my computer. Matt was so sweet and fixed it when he got home, he has such talent with a soldering iron and electrical tape. Did I mention he is going to school to be an electronics engineer. What a guy.

I don't know how much more a child can destroy in a day. I don't really want to know either. I love him, but there are days that he drives me crazy.

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