Monday, March 26, 2012

Make Something Monday: Bug Bottles

This is the newest project for Cheyennes birthday party in August. These bottles are the Simply brand juice bottles. We spent a few weeks drinking raspberry lemonade in order to save 12 bottles. I like their juices but I haven't drank much juice since then.

I wasn't like we don't buy that much juice anyway but I but different varieties. The project wasn't all that hard. I was mostly free for me. We already had metal screen on hand, and it doesn't require a lot. I cut the holes in the side with a utility knife, very carefully. I tried E6000 to glue the screen down and that was a fail, I tried hot glue but that melts the plastic so I wound up using caulking. By the way caulking works like a charm. I used felt to cover the screen edges, so that the kids wouldn't cut their fingers. Before any of this process I used Goo Gone to remove the sticker residue. They turned out pretty awesome.

I went to party land and bought magnifying glasses to go with them and I ordered tweezers and butterfly nets from Oriental Trading. Cheyenne was so excited for her party she still thinks it is in like a couple of weeks, it is hard for her to understand that it is not until August. I love how weird she is to love bugs so much. By the way I got the idea off of pinterest.

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