Monday, March 12, 2012

Make Something Monday: Crocheted Lady Bug Bag

My oldest daughter is bug obsessed (I know she isn't related to me). I love that she is so different. She will be turning four this summer, and she is convinced that she is getting a real Tarantula. Ew, is what I have to say that. I hate to break it to her that she will have to wait for a few more years until she can take care of it completely by herself. Even her father, who is not necessarily scared of spiders, doesn't relish the idea of holding/touching a giant, furry spider.

In honor of her love of bugs/her fifth birthday, we are having a bug themed friend party. This will be her first birthday party where friends are invited. I am on a fairly tight budget and have to craft most of it (this makes me happy, but not the hubby). I am also trying to craft most of her gifts. So I am crocheting a Ladybug Backpack. I am so excited, I think she will love it.

I found the pattern from Red Heart on I am just using the Red Heart yarn suggested in the pattern, it is not always my favorite yarn because it is so rough. I like Caron Simply Soft as far as synthetics are concerned. I have to do everything on a budget so I don't really get to use nicer yarns. Oh well, thankfully she isn't picky and won't care what it's made from.

I am enjoying planning her party and will post more of what I am planning and making. Although I do have until August to have it all done. I am one of those super planners that has to plan everything a month ahead of time. My husband is more spur of the moment and it drives me crazy.

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