Monday, March 19, 2012

Make Something Monday: Life Cycle of a Butterfly in Pasta

Are you ready for the next installment for Chey's buggy birthday party. I like to have a craft at birthday parties as well as some games. I also like to have things that the kids can take home. I decided that a lack of paint for a bunch of kids five and under is the best idea. Their parents will also be there to help them.

This is just an example of what I am doing. Mine will be on blue square plates and I just sharpied the info on them. This is a project that I am preparing for. This is the craft that I am doing for Chey's birthday in August. I am getting all of the prep work done so all the kids have to do is put it together. The plates are already labeled and the leaves are cut out of construction paper. I am going to add a loop of cord to the back of them so that they can be hung. If I come up with some really cheap magnets then maybe I'll add one of them as well.

Chey has watched me prep for all of the things we are doing and she wants her party like yesterday. I don't think she quite realizes that her birthday is not for like another five months. Her brother and sister are just as excited as she is, if not more. Kody did this same project in preschool a week ago.

My family thinks that I am a little crazy to be planning her party already. I like to have things like this to keep me busy. I also like to save myself the stress of the week before her party. If I spread it out over time then I won't be rushing to get it done. However the storing all of the stuff can become a concern when you have no storage space.

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