Saturday, March 10, 2012

New Start

So I am going to try to post something every week day unless I have something that I feel is important to say. I am going to try to theme it every day.

Monday: Make Something Monday
Tuesday: Time to Read Tuesday
Wednesday: What's Cooking Wednesday
Thursday: Thoughtful or Thankful Thursday
Friday: Fun, Funny, or Frustrating Friday (Sometimes I need to rant about things and you can ignore it if you want)

I am hoping that since I have a specific theme I can find stuff to post on throughout the week. Sometimes life gets crazy busy and I won't have time to do such things. Other times live won't have presented anything entertaining that week, I have had weeks like that.

I forget where I got this idea from probably another blogger, at the time it was something I thought was awesome so I jotted it down. So if you see this somewhere else I admit right now that it wasn't my idea I just really liked. I don't even remember if it was for a blog or something else.

So far this idea is helping me to post more often. I like it a lot.

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