Sunday, March 18, 2012

Something I Love Sunday: Cheyenne

I am going to go through each of my children separately, they are all separate beings.

Cheyenne is the oldest of my three. She is an unusual child and never ceases to amaze me. All of our babies are a good mix of both Matt and I, however Cheyenne looks the most like me. Chey has my attitude and Matt's stubbornness, a somewhat awful combination. She has such a strong personality and stands against what she refuses to do. She can be the most frustrating person I know.

Cheyenne has unusual interests. She has always loved bugs of all types. As of recent she wants a tarantula for a pet, this gives me the heeby jeebies. When she was about 2, we were in the living room and she pointed out a big spider, so I squished it and she started crying because I squished it. I was a little shocked that she cared that much. She loves all the really pretty bugs to like butterflies too.

On the flip side she is a total girl too. Chey loves everything pink and sparkly. She loves to get dressed up in dresses and have her nails painted. To have such varied interests in a child is entertaining.

Chey can be the most bubbly of the three, but she also pouts and gives a really good silent treatment. She is like most kids her age in the fact that she asks 5 billion questions a day. She is a very talkative soul. She is never lacking something to say.
Her very favorite thing to eat is meat. She is the most picky of my three, she will not eat veggies. It is a fight everyday to get her to try new foods. I like veggies more than meat, so in that aspect she is just like her father.

She is a funny kid, she is always finding new ways to tickle me! I love her so much she is a spaz.

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