Sunday, March 25, 2012

Something I Love Sunday: Dakota

Dakota is my second baby. He was born 14 1/2 months after Cheyenne. I love my boy so much, he is such a nut. Kody is my emotional child, he is such a soft hearted little soul compared to Chey. He is the most affectionate of my three kids.

All three of our kids were planned the timing was a little sooner than we expected but they were all planned. When I was expecting Kody, even before we went for the ultrasound I knew he was a boy. I always wanted four little girls, so I was really frustrated when I was pregnant with Kody.

A little background, I was almost 13 when my brother was born. My only other sibling, my sister, was 11. I helped with my brother so much that a boy was the last gender that I wanted.

But now I can't imagine not having my little guy. Kody is the most difficult of the three. He has so many little issues that he keeps me on my toes. We are pretty sure that Kody has ADHD, and we know that he has nothing for an attention span, he can't concentrate on anything. I have learned so much patience being his Mommy. I am not a very patient person and am getting more patient by the day.

The other thing about Kody is that he is super destructive. These days I look back at it and chuckle, but at the time I can remember how mad I was. There have been times that I couldn't believe how many things he has destroyed in a given week. He is so curious that we have to do more than just baby-proof the house. I don't know how much more child proofed you can get (I want to hang curtains, but with Kody around that is impossible). We cannot have much as far as home-decor.

Dakota is a lot more like me personality wise, he will throw a fit but eventually gives in. Chey and Matt are the super stubborn ones. Kody is the sweetest little boy I have ever been around, there have been so many times that I haven't been feeling well and he will come up and say "It's okay Mommy". He seems so very intuitive. His smile is infectious and his laugh makes it almost impossible to get mad at him. He makes me smile. I love that little boy so much even though he is so difficult. Isn't he a cutie, that is his silly face.

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