Sunday, March 11, 2012

Stuff I Love Sunday: My Hubby

Today I'll talk about Matt, and how awesome he is. By the way, this picture was from a couple of years ago when I had just gotten a new camera. I admit that I am no photographer, and this picture really does not do him any justice. He just came off of grave shift and is asleep so getting a better picture is not really an option.

Come June, Matt and I will have been married for six years. To me it seems like only yesterday was a craziest and busiest week of at least my life (I graduated high school, seminary, did my endowment session, got married, had a reception, honeymoon, and moved into an apartment all in the same week. I was insane. We have never been slow movers though.

Matt and I met in August of my Senior year in high school, we didn't get along initially (I thought he was slow and he thought I was boring). We started liking each other over the next month, and had our first date September 14, 2005. Within three dates we were already discussing marriage, after I graduated. He got my Dad's permission and proposed Christmas Eve, a month and a half before I turned 18 (before anyone thinks we were young and dumb, Matt is 4 1/2 years older than me and I had already had enough experiences to last anyone quite a few years).
We waited until I was out of high school but only by a week to get married.

Life has kind of been a whirl wind ever since. I can say most of it has been good, all in fact except the finances. We found out we were expecting our first baby by Christmas that year, and have added two more since then. Some people think we are totally crazy, but we have only ever done what we thought was right for our situation. So far we don't really regret any of our decisions.

I can say 100% that Matt is perfect for me. I do my best to do everything I can for him (and I actually want to treat him like a king), and he always takes such good care of me. Some would say that Matt is controlling, but it is the best thing for me. Without Matt I have the habit of buying things that I really don't need, and doing things that aren't good for my health (like staying up to late, I am a total grouch in the morning and get really tipsy when I am tired).

Matt looks out for me in all things. He doesn't always let me take on projects that he knows will stress me out, even if I am capable of completing it. I don't see Matt as controlling, but caring. When we have the money he will take me out to dinner and let me get some of the things that I want. By the way, I control him to. We spend time together, after the kids are in bed and when he doesn't have homework, watching documentaries and playing board games. He is such a geek and I love that, cause so am I.

Some people can keep little things from their spouses, I have never been able to. Matt is my best friend, I can tell him anything. Matt and I both have the same values, especially with honesty (no matter how brutal). Matt and I mostly want the same things out of life. All in all, I love him more than words describe, even when he makes by blood boil (which does occasionally happen). Now if only I could convince others that he is the best. I guess the only opinion that matters is mine.

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