Saturday, March 31, 2012

Stuff I Want Saturday: Space to Organize

I am usually a pretty organized person. However, when you have a house with a lack of closets it becomes a little rough (we have closets, but not very many). I am also one of those people who stocks up on the kids clothes when I can find them for next to nothing. So when it comes to storing stuff so much of it has to go out in the shop.

I really wish we all-in-all just had more space. Matt and I eventually want to expand our upstairs all the way across the house. We live in a little old house, that has a ton of character. I love our house it is really cute and has a ton of potential, however it is a bit small for what we really need. For right now we have enough space for us and the kids, but soon enough we will have to find more space. We will either have to expand or move. I would rather move than totally tear our house apart in order to build up.

Anyway back to the real problem. We don't have enough space to put everything and have it be organized. I have had to get creative. Matt has put up shelves in my living room, and also in the office and dining room to add more space to put things. I store a lot of things under beds. I pair down to the necessities as often as is possible. I go through everything about every six months, and get rid of everything that we don't use. On of these days I will get everything in its place.

Matt also has a problem with the organization issue. His office is often in a state of total disarray. Matt is what is would describe as a pack rat. He has to keep so many things, that to others would be junk. However this condition has often helped other people, because he is able to fix others older computer systems that you can't always find parts for and guess what he probably has it. What a Geek.

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