Friday, March 9, 2012

Things have been crazy

I haven't posted in a while. Life has been crazy. So many things are happening.

Matt has been working like crazy. He is in some training out at the mine that makes him leave earlier and come home later. I can say the only thing good about it is that he will get more hours on his paycheck and that he will be in line for future pay advancements. Matt is also slaving a way for school. When he isn't at work, he is in the office doing homework. Thankfully he will be done by the middle of October. He is excited to be done and be able to take a break. I am happy that he will get to spend more time with me and the kids.

I have the most going on I think. I just started being an independent consultant for J. R. Watkins. Hopefully I can get a lot of sales and make a little extra income to put towards Matt's student loans. I just graduated from Financial Peace University from Dave Ramsey, I really enjoyed the classes and pumped to get out of debt. Matt and I both just started allergy injections to become immune. I hope it works, I want to eventually get a dog. I get my Braces off in about 6 weeks, I can't wait cause I hate them.

Chey was recently registered for kindergarten, she will start in the end of August and she is so excited. She has also recently started having play groups a couple of times a week and always looks forward to playing with her friends.

Kody has had so many changes. We found out that Kody has a sensitivity to artificial dyes, so he doesn't have them anymore. We had Kody tested by the school district and he now goes to special needs preschool four days a week. Kody's favorite thing is that he gets to ride the bus to preschool, he used to hate this. He isn't quite getting easier to deal with, but he is learning and it is nice to have a bit of a break.

Austin is now two and all that goes along with it. She has decided she likes to have things her way. She absolutely loves to play with her siblings. She also likes to make them mad.

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