Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Time to Read Tuesday: New Testament

This week I have been reading/listening to the Old Testament. I have made it as far as the book of John. I has talked about much of Christs life. I have thoroughly enjoyed the story of the Nativity. Not quite Christmas in July, however just as good of a time (right before Easter).

The Old Testament was really difficult for me because it was so repetitive. The first four books of the New Testament are fairly repetitive also, but in different ways. The different books go into depth on different aspects of Christs life. I am learning stories that I only had bits and pieces that I actually remembered. I have forgotten so many of the stories.

While this may have started out as an agreement between Matt and I for a sofa. I feel like it actually by this point is serving a purpose. I am not someone who can easily sit down and read something that is more difficult to understand. The King James version is more difficult to understand, however it is the one that our religion teaches from. Matt like to hear what each book is about or something that I have learned just so he can make sure that I am actually doing it and not just ignoring it.

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