Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Time to Read Tuesday: The Old Testament

So I didn't get this up last night cause I was super busy, sorry.

Do you ever make bargains with someone, and the other person changes the terms. My Hubby and I made a bargain that once I read The Bible and The Book of Mormon and the other books in the triple combination, The Doctrine and Covenants and The Pearl of Great Price, that we could get the new sofa that I have been eye-balling for two years now.

He got really sick of our old one and decided that we should go get the new one. I obviously am not going to argue. He hadn't really mentioned anything about our agreement and I was hoping he wouldn't. When we got home from picking it up, he says "Now I want to see those books finished by the end of April." Of course that wasn't a happy thought. So now of course I am listening/reading as fast as I can with three kids and the joys surrounding them.

I am at least learning the stories now. That was the whole reason for his agreement. How can I teach the kids stories that I don't know. I didn't remember any of them from Primary and my childhood. I am also learning the things that help my understanding of my religion.

I am almost finished with The Old Testament. I have a lot more to read.

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