Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Time to Read Tuesday: Update Old Testament

Hey, I am super excited. I finished the Old Testament, now to start on the New Testament. I found most of the old testament to be really boring and repetitious. The last story of Jonah was really the Grand Finale.

Matt says that, the New Testament is supposed to have a lot more stories in it though. I hope that is the case. I don't remember all of what is in the New Testament. I am really hoping to get through the rest of the scriptures by the end of April.

Because I finished that portion, I went and bought the stickers for in your scriptures. The ones that show pictures of the stories, like Sampson or David and Goliath. As I finish each section I am going to buy the next sets of stickers. As soon as I finish all of them, I am going to get the Seminary scripture mastery set. I don't remember any of those from when I was in Seminary.

Any how I am really excited for having all of the stickers. I hope they will help me remember all of the stories I just finished reading. I am starting to feel a sense of accomplishment about doing something I have never done before.

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