Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What Cooking Wednesday:

So everyone has their own recipe for Cowboy Casserole. I don't remember where I found mine, probably a cookbook somewhere. This is what I made for one of our meals this week. I is on of my favorite recipes to make. It is kind of like spaghetti with twist. My kids will actually eat it and lets face it most of the time they won't eat anything. It is also a fairly inexpensive meal to make, and it doesn't take very long.

The only real dietary restrictions we have are a lack of artificial dyes and lower it fat and salt. My little boy has a hyper-sensitivity to dyes and my husbands family has heart disease so we watch the fat and salt a bit tighter. Matt doesn't have any problems yet but we would like to avoid it at all costs. We don't indulge but we also don't cut it out completely, at least with the fats and salts.

Anyway on to the recipe. 1/2 pound ground beef browned (I brown about 5 lbs at a time and freeze it in 1/2 pound amounts is sandwich bags), 1 pound cooked pasta (we use shells), about 2 cups of spaghetti sauce, can of corn or green beans drained (which ever you prefer), and a can of tomatoes. For my corn/green beans and my tomatoes, I use approx the 14 oz. size can. Once your pasta is drained, pour everything else in your pan with the pasta and let it heat up to hot.
Salt to taste and enjoy. My kids like it with a little grated cheese on top. Yay for an easy dinner that isn't always spaghetti.

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