Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Frozen Bananas

I really hate bananas.  Whenever we had left over bananas, I used to throw them away.  Matt and the kids love them but can only eat them every so often.  Matt and the kids absolutely love banana bread, but I never found the time to make it before the bananas would go bad.

I read a book a while back, about how to save money on all kinds of things.  In this book I read that, you can freeze bananas for the purpose of making banana bread.  I have done this several times and it has worked awesome.

I just leave them in the peels and put them in a gallon zipper bag.  I can just keep adding one at a time until I have enough for a batch of banana bread.  I put them in a bowl, sitting on the counter while they defrost (I hate the thought of anything leaking out of them on to my counter top).

They defrost in about and hour and mix nicely into a batch.  They slide nicely out of their peels once you get the peel open.  Some people like to cut up the ripe banana and freeze the pieces separately for smoothies.  I personally have not tried this, because we do not make smoothies very often.  Not only this but when we do make smoothies, we like them full of berries.

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