Friday, April 6, 2012

Fun/Funny/Frustrating Things Friday: Kids Tea Party

So this week Chey, decided she wanted to have a tea party. So while I folded laundry and Austin was down for a nap, Kody and Chey had a tea party. They loved every single second of it.

Chey got these play dishes a couple of years ago for Christmas. I had left them put up not wanting them to get lost with all of the other toys. They had forgotten that they even existed. They were so excited when I pulled them out and let them have a tea party.

The tea was water and the crumpets were alphabet cookies, you can't have tea without crumpets. They loved it so much they have been asking me every day if they could have another tea party. I want to be some what of an occasional thing. They get bored of things very fast, and this was so fun that I don't want them to get board of it.

They were very upset when I decided that it was time to clean everything up and for tea time to be over with.

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