Friday, April 13, 2012

Fun/Funny/Frustrating Things Friday: Laundry

I don't know how everyone else is. I can wash laundry like crazy, getting it all done in just a couple of hours. I will even hang it all up on drying racks. I love to wash laundry, because I can feel a sense of accomplishment in a short amount of time.
I can even load the dish washer in a quick hurry.

However I hate to fold it all, it also isn't easy to do with three kids under your feet. I also hate to put it away once it is folded for the same reasons. Because of this my older sofa becomes a glorified laundry basket. It is all clean, just not folded or put away.
At this point it is such a daunting task that even thinking about it is depressing.

Matt gets to a point with it, that he starts to fold it and put his and the towels away. Watching this makes me feel guilty enough that I start to help. I gets done pretty fast and is more enjoyable this way. I wish he would realize that I enjoy doing things more when he helps.

To combat this problem, I only do one load a day. I have to have the first one at least folded before I can get the next one out of the dryer. Then I put them away while the kids are watching some cartoons before dinner. If I wait until bed time then I am to busy to get it done and the kids don't settle down as easy.

This works for me for now. I am sure as the kids get older I will have more laundry to do every day, but for now I get to all of it.

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