Saturday, April 7, 2012

Shaklee Saturday: Basic H - All Purpose Cleaner

For some reason we always have milk spots all over the floor. The kids drop or throw their sippy cups on the floor and leave spots everywhere. I try to get them when they happen, but to no avail.

They never come up with the mop alone, they require one-on-one attention. I hate doing this because it takes so much time. I don't want the kids to do it, until now.

Normally I use something like Windex or some all purpose cleaner, which is not something that I want the kids to handle. Those kinds of cleaners are not safe to have around kids. So instead of regular cleaners, I had Chey (who is 4 1/2) using the Basic H All Purpose cleaner.

It worked like a charm and she loved every second of it. I had to keep reminding myself that it was totally safe, I am used to using unsafe cleaners. After a little bit I realized that she was doing just fine and having a blast, cleaning.

Kody was following her around like a little lost puppy, helping her find the milk spots. He was so jealous that I wouldn't let him operate the spray bottle. He thinks all spray bottles are meant for spraying down hair and therefore are meant for drinking by spraying in the mouth. While it won't hurt him that idea still makes me think, yuck. They got most of the spots, it may become a weekly occurrence.

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