Friday, April 27, 2012

The Shame of my Mess: Organize the Hutch Counter Top

I am ordinarily a clean freak.  I love everything organized and looking pretty.  I will admit that I have OCD and it is at it worst when I am stressed.  When ever we go out to dinner with my family, I am more stressed than if I stay home. It gets do bad that I start to organize sugar and creamer packets.  My family makes fun of me and messes things up to frustrate me, but it is a real psychological problem for me.  I have gone to family get-togethers or friends houses and have started cleaning, and I have offended people.  Believe me it is not because there house it a mess it is because the situation can be stressful for me.  I have one friend who understands my problem and loves it when I come over because she doesn't have to do it.

Anyway back to the topic at hand. In the recent past I have been super busy with life in general, and have not have time to deal with the clutter. I about had a nervous break down over how bad things were getting so I am slowly dejunking and getting thing put back into order.  It isn't easy to organize when you have too much stuff and nowhere to store it.  We live it an old house with a lack of closets, so you will see me get creative with my organization.

Up for today is the counter top of my hutch.  A small project, but progress none the less.  This and my dining table are the catch-alls in the house.  Everything gets dropped there.  I decided to start here and I am quite embarrassed that it got this bad.  Especially since it is the first thing that you see when you enter the house.  I always want this area to stay clean, but other than clean it off all the time, have not figured out how.

So without further avoiding the inevitable, here it is.



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