Sunday, April 1, 2012

Something I Love Sunday: Austin

Austin is my youngest. She is still developing her personality, but she is only two. Austin doesn't have any specific loves, other than doing whatever Chey and Kody are doing. Her favorite people are her siblings. She follows them around like a little lost puppy. It is so cute. The other half of the time she can't stand them, because they have been picking on her.

Her least favorite thing is when you pull her out of something that she was playing with. She knows when she is getting into trouble, because she cracks a mischievous grin and starts nervously giggling. She knows she is about to be pulled out and his hoping you won't notice.

Austin doesn't seem, most of the time anyway, like she is only two. She is so small compared to the other two, she followed in my footstep instead of her Daddies. She is so smart that she seems much older and much more understanding. I love to watch her interactions with her siblings, she is often much more responsible than they are. On the other hand she is really the only one that has played in the toilet. That has really been the only frustrating thing that she has done.

Austin has been the most clingy of my babies. Sometimes it is really hard to have her just need to be held, especially when the others didn't need to. Sometimes it is really nice because sometimes I need to sit down and relax and I don't realize it until we are snuggling. She is the only one to really get fussy when we leave her with anyone. Kody and Chey are off playing the second we drop them off.

I love Austin so much. She gives the best loves ever. It is funny, she has already learned to tease me by acting like she is going to give me a kiss and then turning away. She laughs hysterically about it, the little stinker. Her laugh is the cutest thing, I love to tickle her just to hear her laugh. She has already developed an attitude similar to Chey, boy am I in for a rough time when they hit their teenage years. Austin is such a cutie.

By the way, sorry about the top photo. I totally forgot to orient it correctly. I was working on about 5 things at once.

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