Monday, April 30, 2012

Update on all of my Scripture reading

I am officially done.  The last couple of weeks have been rough.  I have been reading like crazy, while trying to keep up with my daily life.  The kids have not made it easy, Kody has needed attention so he has been a little harder to deal with. However I am totally done.  Now I can get back to my normal existence.

While it has been rough to finish up this last bit, it was all review.  I have read The Book of Mormon a few times in my life.  I really enjoy the Doctrine and Covenants, it is all modern day revelation.  I figure even though it is not modern as in the last 20 years (we get all of this from the Prophets and Church leaders) it was written within the last 200 years.  That pertains to this day and age a lot more than most of the Bible.

I think my favorite part of the books is the Word of Wisdom when it tells us what we should do and why. We are not forced to follow this, but most of us choose to live this.  I really have never been into any of the things that we are supposed to stay away from.  There is a lot of reasons these days to stay away from things like alcohol and tobacco.   I think it was really great forethought, in consideration of what we know these days.

All in all, I am glad that Matt and I had this agreement and I am also glad that it is over with.  Forced reading is something I don't really enjoy, I even hated it back when I was in school.  I can't wait to get started on the book that I am really excited about.  I will keep you updated as to what I am reading next.  I have a whole bunch of my fathers books that I am about to jump into.

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