Friday, May 18, 2012

Coloring on the Wall

In the recent past, my oldest was coloring in her coloring books.  When I decided it was time to clean up she wasn't happy about it, are they ever.  Unknown to me, she had hid one of her crayons.  A few minutes later, I was working in the other room.  When I came back to check on them, Cheyenne had colored all over the wall in the living room.  I was so mad, because she knows better.

I have used magic erasers in the past.  Sometimes it takes the paint off the walls, it has always been frustrating.  Until now.  I have been using Basic H All Purpose cleaner, for everything.  I decided to try it for this as well.  It did an awesome job and didn't take the paint off the walls.  I am even more in love than I was before.  Plus, it is totally non-toxic and won't make the kids sick or drive my sinuses nuts.  Magic erasers don't bug my sinuses either but they don't remove the crayon as well.

Let me just say how much I love Shaklee.  Their products are awesome.


After and so much better.

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