Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day: Remembering Grant

Today is Memorial Day, normally I would choose to avoid talking to anyone and remember the one that I have lost.  4 1/2 years ago we lost, Grant Draper, a man I would consider to be one of the best in the world.  He wasn't a war hero, he didn't do anything miraculous, he wasn't even famous.  However he meant the world to me.  Grant was my Father-in-law.  Other than a few others (Matt, my Dad, and my Son), he was one of the most amazing people I could have ever had in my life.

From the moment that Matt and I started dating, Grant made me feel important.  He treated me like one of his own kids.  He listened when I spoke and made me feel as if I mattered.  I love him so much, and miss him so much.  He is the only real close person that I have lost, so far in my life.

I feel so fortunate, that he was one of the people who raised Matt.  Matt has so many of the good qualities that his Dad did.  He is so much like Grant in so many ways.  I wish that my kids could have gotten to know him is this life.  I also wish that I could have gotten to spend more time with him.

Grant passed away just a couple of weeks after standing in on Cheyenne's Christening/Blessing when she was three months old.  He died due to complications with heart surgery.  The time he was in the hospital was unbearable.  I had bronchitis and was unable to see him until they were getting ready to take him off life support , for fear of giving him an infection.

His funeral was the hardest I have ever had to go to (I hate funerals and almost didn't go).  To have someone touch your life so much in such a short time, only to have them taken away so soon. I hate to have other see me cry, including Matt, it was so hard not to cry.  Matt and I have our burial plots right below Grant and Matt's step Mom, Toni.  Even that was hard for me to think about.  It has been quite a while now and I still cry when I think about this wonderful man.

Grant, I miss you so much.

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