Tuesday, May 1, 2012

No more metal mouth, mostly

Update: The orthodontist's office lost my before pics and I have spent the last bunch of years avoiding cameras.  I will post the afters when I get a chance to do them.

This story is a very happy one for me.  For the past roughly 10 years, I have had problems with dizziness.  I have been through just about every test that I can handle.  We didn't know exactly what the problem was, we only knew that it wasn't getting any better.  I had been diagnosed with TMJ (temporomandibular joint) a few years ago, but we didn't think that could be it.  One day I was talking to a friend who also had issues with TMJ in her younger years, she informed me that she had all the same types of symptoms that I was having.  She was prescribed a mouth piece called a twin-block.  So after looking into what it even was and what types of problems it could fix.  We found that it could be a solution for me, now the difficulty was finding an Orthodontist that worked with the mouth piece and our insurance as well.  The insurance is another story entirely.

I have always needed braces for the straightening effects, but now we were finding out that I also needed them for the TMJ.  Through all of the searching we found an orthodontist about 20 minutes from where we live.  He is awesome and does a really great job.  I am so glad that we found such a great doctor.

A lot of my problems have been solved.  About a month after I got my bottom braces on (I had to wait to get the bottom braces on for a couple of months after the top ones, because of my over bite), all of the dizziness was gone.  Before the braces I was miserable, there were times that I couldn't even stand up and I was always so sick and nauseated.  After the braces, the only time I am dizzy now is when I stay up to late.

Now for then before and after.  Sorry I don't have any pictures from before the braces.  I never liked smiling in pictures because I was embarrassed by my smile.

I will have to wear permanent retainers for ever after this and I will still have to wear a splint at night for the rest of my life, to keep me from clenching my jaws.  This is where the mostly comes into play.  I don't like the idea, however it is better than having the dizziness problems again.

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