Monday, May 14, 2012

Thrifting: My Summer Clothes

I went to the D.I. recently, just looking for a couple of pairs of shorts or capris.  I was in such luck when I got there and was able to find 6 pairs of capris.  I prefer capri's over shorts because they cover all of my varicose veins.  I was also able to find 6 shirts for me as well.

All of the capris that I picked out were only $6 a pair.  All of my shirts ranged anywhere from $3-$5 a shirt.  I was super excited to find most of my summer wardrobe for less than $100.  I am really enjoying thrifting, to get the things that I need.  I hate spending more money than is necessary.

I thought it was a really good deal for all that I got.  While I was there I also found the cutest dress for Austin.  It was the perfect fit for her, I even broke my own rule when buying it.  Normally I refuse to put my kids in anything without sleeves, but when I say the dress I had to have it even though it was sleeveless.  I was also able to find a gift for one of my cousins.

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