Friday, May 25, 2012

Ways to save money on Groceries

I love to save money on pretty much everything. Groceries are one of those things that can be hard to save money on. When you have a busy life it seems like it is either inexpensive or convenient. I am a work-at-home-Mom, so I have the ability for a little less convenience. But I still have to watch our budget really tight, this happens when you are working on becoming debt free. I don't mind rice and some beans, but the kids won't eat beans at all. So here are some of the ways that I save money on groceries.

I used to coupon shop and get five papers every week. This can work if you have the time to do it, but it can take up as much time as a part-time job. I also don't have a lot of time to go by myself, so I always have little helpers. Matt also likes to go run the errands with me, he figures that we get to spend time together talking and I don't have to drive. Personally I like it this way, because he can help me with the kids and sometimes it is the only time that we get to spend together.

1-Price match everything at Wal-mart. While some people like to and will tell you to go to a bunch of different stores, I have three kids pretty much by my self so three different stores are not going to happen. I also have a husband who like to do the grocery shopping with me, but hates going to a bunch of different places.

2-Plan a weekly menu. I have tried a month at a time, and maybe when I am more organized I can do this again. A week at a time also helps me use up what has been in the cupboard more effectively. I like to rotate quite often, when I do a month at a time, I often over look what is in my pantry. This also helps me plan around events that come up. This also allows me to pick up the items that I might need more frequently.

3-Make a double batch of a recipe and freeze the leftovers. I like to do this because it isn't anymore work than making a small batch and you have another meal ready to go on those days when you are either to tired or to busy to cook from scratch. It also is a little bit of insurance in case some kind of emergency happens, because you have a meal in storage.

4-Always check the price per ounce. It is often times cheaper to buy the larger packages. We buy all of our cheese at Sam's club because bulk cheese is cheaper than buying small packages.

5-Buy the generic/store brands. I have found quite a few times that the generic is even cheaper than the name brand on sale even with a coupon. This is not necessarily always the case, but that is what I have found quite often.

6-We buy most of our bread product at the discount bread stores. These are places where the older bread that doesn't get sold in a specific time frame, from the grocery store gets sent. The bread is just fine, they can't sell it if it is bad. We buy about 20-25 loaves at a time, it is usually $1.00 a loaf. We go through a lot of bread, the kids like PB J's.

7-We check the ads every week for things that are a really awesome price and obviously price match, I always check at Wal-mart first. If they don't have it them I go to the local grocery store. If they have run out, or don't have the number that I need, I always make sure to get a rain check for the item.

8-When I get the chance, I walk around the other grocery stores alone and look for item that are clearencing out. Some times I fine my spices for the best prices this way.

9-When whole milk is the same price as 1%, I buy it and add an extra quart of water per gallon. It tastes just like the 1% that my family is used to. And for every 4 gallons I get a fifth one for free. I also check with the local dairies to see if they are having a sale on theirs, which is usually cheaper anyway.

10-I usually never buy my non-grocery items at the grocery stores, they are usually more expensive there. How ever I have gotten razors for half price because they were filtering that brand out.

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