Friday, May 4, 2012

Ways to save money on your Utility bills

If you are anything like me payday is a stressful day because it is also the day that we go through the budget and pay the bills. Matt doesn't like me on paydays, because I get so frustrated when we don't have as much extra money as I thought we would. Every other Friday is really rough for me. Matt and I are always looking to save extra money and that includes the utility bills. By the way Matt is the biggest stickler on o few of these things. So here are a few of the things that Matt and I do.

1-Change the light bulbs. When we first moved into our house, one of the first things that Matt went out and bought was CFL's. He changed out every bulb that we possibly could. I can't stand the idea of incandescent bulbs.

2-When we redid the upstairs we put in all new insulation. The upstairs used to be almost the same temperature as outside. He put in quite a high R-value. Our has bill went down like crazy. I was happy that it was nicer, Matt was happy that the gas bill was lower.

3-Add caulk and weather stripping. We have bought several different varieties of weather stripping just for our front door. It leaks so much air, but I think he finally has it taken care of. Yay.

4-Fix leaky faucets. I plainly hate the sound of the dripping water. We have had to fix this many times and he finally just replaced the valve. Even a slow drip can eat up gallons of water a day.

5-Use fans and swamp coolers. We don't currently have A/C. I would totally love it but lacking the money for a system stops that for now. It is also cheaper to use a swamp cooler and fans than it is to use an A/C unit, which makes Matt happier.

6-Install a programmable thermostat. Matt loves this feature, he has set it to what feels good to him and he wishes that I would quit turning it up. I am always cold, it comes from low blood pressure and a lack of circulation.

7-Clean the lint trap. I have more of a problem remembering to do this, thankfully Matt helps do the laundry every now and then done. If you don't empty it regularly it can take longer to dry the laundry and thus using more power.

8-Water the lawn early in the morning. I think Matt has it schedule for 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning. Because it is not evaporating it is more effective that way.

9-Change your shower heads. We did this mostly so that we could have one on a hose, that is totally life changing for cleaning the tub and rinsing the kids hair. But while we were at it we bought a low flow one to save on water.

These are just a few of the things that we do, and it has helped. I have a husband whom is pro energy conservation for the sake of saving money. Some times he drives me totally crazy but it has saved us some money.

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