Friday, June 29, 2012

Breakfast Burritos

Matt really likes breakfast burritos, they aren't my favorite but he loves them.  In my breakfast burritos is hash browns, ham, scrambled eggs, cheese, and ketchup all wrapped in a tortilla.  Matt requests these quite frequently.  I really have to be in a good mood to cook them, because of all of the steps.  He especially loves them sent in his lunch for work.

When I make them, I fry my hash browns first (a whole bag from the freezer section at the grocery store) then I cook my meat (this time it was pre-cooked, chopped ham) and add in the eggs and scramble (I use about a dozen) them.  Now that all the cooking is done, I put everything in the tortilla add some cheese and ketchup and roll up.  Then I store them in zipper sandwich bags, in my mind this is the best way.  I end up making between 16-18 at a time.  Matt is willing to eat them cold, but you can heat them in the microwave.  Matt's stomach must be iron-clad.

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