Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Finally some storage that works

As I have probably said before, I live in a little old house with not very much storage.  Because we don't have the money for a remodel, we are forced to find other solutions.  My biggest issue is Matt's office, I really hate how unorganized it is.  The biggest part is that there isn't much that I can do, as it is his space.  If I put his stuff away, he gets frustrated because then he can't find it.  I frustrates me because he has no time (and the worst part no want right now) to change the situation.

All of our paperwork stuff has to be in there, because there is no other place for it.  So because of the current situation, I had to come up with an inexpensive solution that wouldn't take up anymore floor space.  I remembered on of the things that they had at my old job that worked really awesome for keeping papers off of the desk space.  Wall files were the solution.  We have shelves in the office that have the long strip brackets attached to the walls.  The wall files fit perfectly there, and I could put up several sets of them.

Now the next problem was cost, being that I am usually broke, they are quite expensive online.  Matt isn't into fashion, so the color didn't matter.  I decided to shop at the local stores.  Wal-mart didn't carry them in store, and they were really expensive online.  Target didn't have what I was looking for either.  I walked into Office Depot, I remembered that they have a store brand that doesn't often show up online.

Office Depot have exactly what I needed, though I still wasn't fond of the price.  They were $17.00 for a set of three.  I wanted a bit less expensive like $10.00.  We bought one set at a time and have been putting them up and slowly getting the office cleaner.  They're clear and that makes it nice to see through them.  I love them and most importantly Matt doesn't hate them.

They aren't perfectly organized yet, but it is getting there.  On day I will get over my embarrassment and show you the whole office.  With any luck I can get some afters of it organized.

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