Monday, June 25, 2012

What I do for kids clothes

Some of the people I have known in the past, go way over the top than is necessary for kids clothes.  I am a simple person, and I like to keep things simple.  I think so many people do not understand the concept of minimal or simple.  I hate washing all of the extras that the kids don't really need.  It makes more work than is needed.

Underwear are something that I don't skimp on, at least right now.  They are cheap by a few extra pairs.  I like to have a two weak supply of these.  I only buy short sleeved, (shirts unless they need something specific to go with their church clothes) you can put a sweater or jacket on them to keep them warmer in the winter, they also always get the sleeves dirty if they are long.  I like to have at least seven shirts.

I like to have a two week supply of socks as well, just in case they get them dirty or wet.  I prefer to have a one week supply of pants/shorts and they can usually wear them twice.  One spring jacket, one nice sweater, one hoodie, one fall jacket, and one winter coat.  That usually covers the basics.

As far as shoes are concerned, I keep this simple as well.  I use galoshes instead of snow boots, I just put them in thicker or multiple pairs of socks.  I usually have one pair of summer sandals, one pair of nice dress shoes, and one pair of decent gym shoes.  There are other things depending on age.  This year I will probably have to buy them snow pants but all of the previous years they never went out to play in the snow.

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This is what works for me, and how I like to have it.  I do my laundry about twice a week and I have never really had a problem running out of there clothes.  There are a few other things for Church that are required, but for the most part this covers the basics.  I hope you found this informative.  It is minimal without having to wash laundry everyday.

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