Monday, June 11, 2012

Working on the Backyard

We have been slaving away recently on what I would say is the biggest project in the last three years.  The back yard.  We have lived in our house for the last five years, and have not done a single thing with it.  The kids have been little and haven't really needed a back yard, but now it is a necessity.  After realizing that Kody has way more energy than any three average kids, we decided he needed a way to expend a lot of his energy.  What better way than to be outside running and playing.  Hopefully bed time will be that much easier.

I have also wanted to have get-togethers at my house, with out have the space inside I needed to utilize the space we had outside.  Now I can have parties at my house.  It has been an expensive and difficult ordeal, and it is not quite finished yet.  We have some cement to put in and fencing and a few plants.  I am so way excited to have the hard part over with.

We are hiring the cement done.  There is way to much of it to do ourselves.  Not to mention that Matt wants it done right.  After the whole ordeal with the sod I just want to pay someone else to do the really big jobs.  Matt still has about five months before he is finished with school and really doesn't have the time to do any other really big jobs like this one.

The fencing is one of those things that is mostly done.  We need to put some panels up across the driveway.  We also need to fix a couple areas that are kind of missing fencing.  Matt is turning part of our fence that is a solid piece into a gate on the other side of the yard, that will be so awesome.

In the last little bit we have flattened out the backyard, added a sprinkling system, and put down sod.  It looks so awesome.  I will show you the before's and afters later this week, but for now here are a few cute pictures of the work in progress.

Austin wasn't really excited to be in the skid steer with Matt

Kody wasn't wild about the glorified ear plugs but loved being in the mighty machine

Cheyenne was excited to be "helping Daddy" and didn't want to get out

By the way, today is also my Daddy's birthday he is turning 48.  Happy Birthday Daddy and thanks for all your help on this project.

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