Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Much Better Looking Rug, Using Shaklee

I used Nature Bright this last week, to clean the rug in our living room.  Chey spilled some apple juice on the rug and we decided that it was high time that we clean it.  The tank on our carpet cleaner is a gallon in size, so we just added 1 scoop of Nature Bright to the warm water.  It worked awesome.

This was the in between.  The left side is the cleaned side and the right, Matt hadn't got to yet.  I had him stop so that I could snap a few pictures before he finished, I think that kind of drives him crazy these days.  Anyway you can already see the difference just with one pass over the rug.

This picture was taken after he was done.  The rug used to look grey and in this picture, it looks tan again.  I absolutely love how it worked.  It took so much dirt out of the rug, it was so gross.

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