Friday, July 13, 2012

Chey's B-Day: Lunch Boxes

For Cheyenne's Birthday this year, we are finally doing a little kids party.  For part of the party, we are having a picnic lunch since the party is going to be in our back yard.  I have been planning this party for about 10 months and I am so excited that I have found so many great ideas for her party.

I have already made enough of these for all of the kids at that will be at the party.  I am going to do uncrustables, string cheese, juice box, carrots, and grapes within this this box.  I am just going to spread a blanket out on the ground and let them have a picnic, and I will already have these packed and ready to go.

I am going to make BLT's for the adults instead of uncrustables, and do bottled water instead of the juice boxes.  I was also going to have some salad available for them as well.

For dessert, I am going to make worms in mud (gummy worms in chocolate pudding with crushed oreos).  Cheyenne is most excited about that.

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