Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My Cheap Bedspread

I am someone who is kind of cheap, and generally don't spend much on really anything.  We have had a quilt that was given to us for our wedding, it was always a little to narrow for our bed.  Matt and I would constantly be pulling it away from each other as we slept.  

I was shopping at Wal-mart, I saw this quilt on clearance and feel in love with it.  It was about $15.00 which was down from $30.00.  I loved the colors on it.  It is a king size and happens to fit our bed perfectly, though we have a queen.  Eventually when we have more space, and I can decorate our master the way that I want.  This quilt will go into our guest bedroom.

For now it looks really great in our room and I love that it fits the bed so much better now.

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