Monday, July 16, 2012

One of my Heros

Back in December, my Dad paid for me and my Mom to go to Financial Peace University.  I absolutely admire Dave Ramsey, he is really great at helping other people get out of debt.  There are a lot of other great things that he helps with as well, such as building wealth.

I learned so much from the courses.  I was so excited to even be able to go.  I really got a ton out of it.  He really put things into perspective, as far as the things that I need to work on.  He has so many really awesome tools, to help people get out of debt and build wealth. 

Matt and I, have been working on getting out of debt for a long time.  I have been following what Dave Ramsey teaches for quite a while and have accomplished quite a bit, of getting out of debt.  Now we just have student loan debt.  We are just working on those now.  Hopefully using Dave Ramsey's tools, we will have all of Matt's student loans paid off.  I can't wait, I am so excited.

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