Friday, July 27, 2012

The Dangers of Artificial Food Colorings

About a year ago I was at my whits end with our son, Dakota.  He was super hyper-active and had a lot of other issues.  I didn't know what to do, I started researching online.  We have talked to doctors and other professionals as well as friends and family members.

After a lot of study, I found that he could have a sensitivity to artificial colorants.  We took him off everything that had dyes in them, and immediately noticed a difference.  Before we took him off the dyes, he would throw tantrums and hurt himself.  He is only three, so he still throws tantrums, but at least he doesn't hurt himself anymore.

So many parents these days are running into the same problem.  So many people have children who are diagnosed with ADHD and the problem could be as simple as a sensitivity to artificial dyes.  Articial dyes can also cause headaches in older people.  They are also known to be carcinogenic.

A lot of the European Countries have banned most of artificial dyes in their foods and other products, because of the risks.  I can't understand why the United States won't do the same.  I really hate how hard it was at first to find products without dyes.

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