Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Free Swing Set

I absolutely love when I can get things free to me.  Matt and I have been making the back yard a place for the kids.  I have wanted a swing set for them to play on for the last couple of years but without the back yard done there was really no point.  This year I was prepared to shell out $200.00 or more for one.  I didn't think that was to bad.  Matt was hating the idea.

Well I got talking to one of my neighbors about what we were planning to do and she told me "Don't you go spend that kind of money, my daughter wants to get rid of hers".  She gave me her number and sure enough she was willing to give it to me, YAY!!!  Within a week we had a new to us, swing set.  My Dad just needs to weld part of the slide, that is why it is not pictured.

The kids already love it, I am so happy I actually talk to my neighbors.  It was well worth not spending $200 that I don't really have right now.

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